Elegant, high-performance HTTP for your Akka Actors.

spray is an open-source toolkit for building REST/HTTP-based integration layers on top of Scala and Akka. Being asynchronous, actor-based, fast, lightweight, modular and testable it's a great way to connect your Scala applications to the world.

Fast, lightweight HTTP Server

spray comes with a small, embedded and super-fast HTTP server (called spray-can) that is a great alternative to servlet containers. spray-can is fully asynchronous and can handle thousands of concurrent connections. It also supports request and response streaming, HTTP pipelining and SSL. And: there is an HTTP client to go with it ... More

Elegant DSL for API Construction

spray's routing DSL gives you a powerful and very flexible way of describing your REST API or web site behavior. It promotes RESTful style as well as a clean separation of the various application layers. Writing DRY and architecturally sound API code has never been easier ... More

Support for Servlet 3.0 Containers

We realize that (even though you often might want to ;^) it's not always possible for application developers to fully leave behind existing infrastructure. That's why spray comes with out-of-the-box support for all Servlet 3.0 compatible servlet containers (Jetty, Tomcat, Glassfish, etc.) ... More