Welcome to the spray Blog

During the writing and continuous improvement of the spray documentation we’ve come across multiple things that don’t quite fit the reference-type nature of the rest of this site. Sometimes this is because the material is kind of cross-cutting, like the description of a general technique used in several places of the spray implementation, and sometimes because it’s more of a one-off highlighting of a specific feature or behavior. For this type of content a blog-style channel appears to be the better format, which is why we hereby solemnly unveil the official “spray blog”. ***tadaa***

In addition to presenting our own posts we’d like to use this blog as an open platform for content from the community. Any kind of interesting material that’s somehow, whether directly or more remotely, related to spray is very much welcome. It could be a small tidbit about a certain pattern you’ve discovered, an architecture-level description of a real-world API you’ve build or a maybe the results of a benchmark you’ve run. We’ll happily serve up your article even if spray somehow did not make it to the top of your performance or overall satisfaction ranking... (well.... we’ll see about that... ;^).

In any case, we are happy to hear from you, just pick any channel from the Contact page or type away in the posts comments section below. And if you really want to go for it fork the spray codebase on github, add a post to the /docs/blog/ folder and send us a pull request!