package io

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Type Members

  1. trait BufferPool extends AnyRef

  2. abstract class SelectionHandlerSettings extends AnyRef

  3. class TcpExt extends Extension

  4. class UdpConnectedExt extends Extension

  5. class UdpExt extends Extension

Value Members

  1. object IO

    Entry point to Akka’s IO layer.

  2. object Inet

  3. object Tcp extends ExtensionKey[TcpExt]

    TCP Extension for Akka’s IO layer.

  4. object TcpSO extends SoJavaFactories

    Java API for accessing socket options.

  5. object Udp extends ExtensionKey[UdpExt]

    UDP Extension for Akka’s IO layer.

  6. object UdpConnected extends ExtensionKey[UdpConnectedExt]

    UDP Extension for Akka’s IO layer.

  7. object UdpMessage

    Java API: factory methods for the message types used when communicating with the Udp service.

  8. object UdpSO extends SoJavaFactories