package io

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Type Members

  1. trait ClientSSLEngineProvider extends (PipelineContext) ⇒ Option[SSLEngine]

  2. type Command = akka.io.Tcp.Command

  3. case class CommandWrapper(command: AnyRef) extends Command with Product with Serializable

  4. trait ConnectionHandler extends Actor with ActorLogging

  5. trait Droppable extends AnyRef

  6. trait DynamicCommandPipeline extends AnyRef

  7. trait DynamicEventPipeline extends AnyRef

  8. trait DynamicPipelines extends Pipelines

  9. type Event = akka.io.Tcp.Event

  10. trait OptionalPipelineStage[-C <: PipelineContext] extends RawPipelineStage[C]

  11. type Pipeline[-T] = (T) ⇒ Unit

  12. trait PipelineContext extends AnyRef

  13. type PipelineStage = RawPipelineStage[PipelineContext]

  14. trait Pipelines extends AnyRef

  15. trait RawPipelineStage[-C <: PipelineContext] extends AnyRef

  16. trait SSLContextProvider extends (PipelineContext) ⇒ Option[SSLContext]

  17. trait ServerSSLEngineProvider extends (PipelineContext) ⇒ Option[SSLEngine]

  18. class SimpleConnectionHandler extends ConnectionHandler

  19. trait SslTlsContext extends PipelineContext

Value Members

  1. object BackPressureHandling

    Automated back-pressure handling is based on the idea that pressure is created by the consumer but experienced at the producer side.

  2. object ClientSSLEngineProvider extends SSLEngineProviderCompanion

  3. object ConnectionTimeouts

    A pipeline stage that will abort a connection after an idle timeout has elapsed.

  4. object EmptyPipelineStage extends PipelineStage

  5. object Pipeline

  6. object PipelineContext

  7. object Pipelines

  8. object PreventHalfClosedConnections

    A pipeline stage that prevents half-closed connections by actively closing this side of the connection when a Tcp.

  9. object RawPipelineStage

  10. object SSLContextProvider

  11. object ServerSSLEngineProvider extends SSLEngineProviderCompanion

  12. object SslBufferPool

    A ByteBuffer pool reduces the number of ByteBuffer allocations in the SslTlsSupport.

  13. object SslTlsSupport

    A pipeline stage that provides SSL support.

  14. object TickGenerator

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