package directives

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Type Members

  1. trait AnyParamDefMagnet extends AnyRef

  2. trait AnyParamDefMagnet2[T] extends AnyRef

  3. trait AnyParamDirectives extends AnyRef

  4. class AuthMagnet[T] extends AnyRef

  5. trait BasicDirectives extends AnyRef

  6. case class ByNameDirective0(enabled: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  7. trait CacheConditionDirectives extends AnyRef

  8. trait CacheKeyer extends PartialFunction[RequestContext, Any]

  9. trait CacheSpecMagnet extends AnyRef

  10. trait CachingDirectives extends AnyRef

  11. abstract class ChunkSizeMagnet extends AnyRef

  12. trait ChunkingDirectives extends AnyRef

  13. trait ClassMagnet[T] extends AnyRef

    A magnet that wraps a ClassTag

  14. class CompressResponseMagnet extends AnyRef

  15. trait ContentTypeResolver extends AnyRef

  16. trait CookieDirectives extends AnyRef

  17. trait DebuggingDirectives extends AnyRef

  18. class DetachMagnet extends AnyRef

  19. class DetachMagnet2 extends AnyRef

  20. case class DirectoryListing(path: String, isRoot: Boolean, files: Seq[File]) extends Product with Serializable

  21. class EncodeResponseMagnet extends AnyRef

  22. trait EncodingDirectives extends AnyRef

  23. trait ExecutionDirectives extends AnyRef

  24. trait FieldDefMagnet extends AnyRef

  25. trait FieldDefMagnet2[T] extends AnyRef

  26. trait FileAndResourceDirectives extends AnyRef

  27. trait FormFieldDirectives extends ToNameReceptaclePimps

  28. trait FutureDirectives extends AnyRef

  29. trait HeaderDirectives extends AnyRef

  30. trait HostDirectives extends AnyRef

  31. case class LogEntry(obj: Any, level: LogLevel = akka.event.Logging.DebugLevel) extends Product with Serializable

  32. case class LoggingMagnet[T](f: T) extends Product with Serializable

  33. trait MarshallingDirectives extends AnyRef

  34. trait MethodDirectives extends AnyRef

  35. trait MiscDirectives extends AnyRef

  36. case class NameDefaultReceptacle[A](name: String, default: A) extends Product with Serializable

  37. case class NameDeserializerDefaultReceptacle[A](name: String, deserializer: FromStringOptionDeserializer[A], default: A) extends Product with Serializable

  38. case class NameDeserializerReceptacle[A](name: String, deserializer: FromStringOptionDeserializer[A]) extends Product with Serializable

  39. case class NameReceptacle[A](name: String) extends Product with Serializable

  40. trait OnCompleteFutureMagnet[T] extends Directive1[Try[T]]

  41. trait OnFailureFutureMagnet extends Directive1[Throwable]

  42. trait OnSuccessFutureMagnet extends AnyRef

  43. trait ParamDefMagnet extends AnyRef

  44. trait ParamDefMagnet2[T] extends AnyRef

  45. trait ParameterDirectives extends ToNameReceptaclePimps

  46. trait PathDirectives extends PathMatchers with ImplicitPathMatcherConstruction

  47. trait RangeDirectives extends AnyRef

  48. class RefFactoryMagnet extends AnyRef

  49. case class RequiredValueDeserializerReceptacle[A](name: String, deserializer: FromStringOptionDeserializer[A], requiredValue: A) extends Product with Serializable

  50. case class RequiredValueReceptacle[A](name: String, requiredValue: A) extends Product with Serializable

  51. trait RespondWithDirectives extends AnyRef

  52. trait RouteDirectives extends AnyRef

  53. trait SchemeDirectives extends AnyRef

  54. trait SecurityDirectives extends AnyRef

  55. trait ToNameReceptaclePimps extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AnyParamDefMagnet

  2. object AnyParamDefMagnet2

  3. object AnyParamDirectives extends AnyParamDirectives

  4. object AuthMagnet

  5. object BasicDirectives extends BasicDirectives

  6. object CacheConditionDirectives extends CacheConditionDirectives

  7. object CacheKeyer

  8. object CacheSpecMagnet

  9. object CachingDirectives extends CachingDirectives

  10. object ChunkSizeMagnet

  11. object ChunkingDirectives extends ChunkingDirectives

  12. object ClassMagnet

  13. object CompressResponseMagnet

  14. object ContentTypeResolver

  15. object CookieDirectives extends CookieDirectives

  16. object DebuggingDirectives extends DebuggingDirectives

  17. object DetachMagnet

  18. object DetachMagnet2 extends DetachMagnet2LowerPriorityImplicits

  19. object DirectoryListing extends Serializable

  20. object EncodeResponseMagnet

  21. object EncodingDirectives extends EncodingDirectives

  22. object ExecutionDirectives extends ExecutionDirectives

  23. object FieldDefMagnet

  24. object FieldDefMagnet2 extends ToNameReceptaclePimps

  25. object FileAndResourceDirectives extends FileAndResourceDirectives

  26. object FormFieldDirectives extends FormFieldDirectives

  27. object FutureDirectives extends FutureDirectives

  28. object HeaderDirectives extends HeaderDirectives

  29. object HostDirectives extends HostDirectives

  30. object LogEntry extends Serializable

  31. object LoggingMagnet extends Serializable

  32. object MarshallingDirectives extends MarshallingDirectives

  33. object MethodDirectives extends MethodDirectives

  34. object MiscDirectives extends MiscDirectives

  35. object OnCompleteFutureMagnet

  36. object OnFailureFutureMagnet

  37. object OnSuccessFutureMagnet

  38. object ParamDefMagnet

  39. object ParamDefMagnet2

  40. object ParameterDirectives extends ParameterDirectives

  41. object PathDirectives extends PathDirectives

  42. object RangeDirectives extends RangeDirectives

  43. object RefFactoryMagnet

  44. object RespondWithDirectives extends RespondWithDirectives

  45. object RouteDirectives extends RouteDirectives

  46. object SchemeDirectives extends SchemeDirectives