package util

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AnyRef, Any
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  1. util
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait LoggingContext extends LoggingAdapter

    A LoggingAdapter that can always be supplied implicitly.

  2. class NotImplementedException extends RuntimeException

  3. class PaddedAtomicLong extends AtomicLong

  4. case class Reply(reply: Any, context: Any) extends Product with Serializable

  5. case class SSLSessionInfo(cipherSuite: String, localCertificates: List[Certificate], localPrincipal: Option[Principal], peerCertificates: List[Certificate], peerPrincipal: Option[Principal]) extends Product with Serializable

    Information about an SSL session.

  6. abstract class SettingsCompanion[T] extends AnyRef

  7. abstract class SingletonException extends RuntimeException with NoStackTrace

    Convenience base class for exception objects.

  8. trait SprayActorLogging extends ActorLogging


    (Since version after M8) Please use akka.actor.ActorLogging directly instead!

Value Members

  1. val EOL: String

  2. val EmptyByteArray: Array[Byte]

  3. val ISO88591: Charset

  4. object LoggingContext extends LoggingContextLowerOrderImplicit1

  5. object Reply extends Serializable

  6. object SSLSessionInfo extends Serializable

  7. val US_ASCII: Charset

  8. val UTF8: Charset

  9. object Utils

  10. def actorSystem(implicit refFactory: ActorRefFactory): ExtendedActorSystem

  11. def identityFunc[T]: (T) ⇒ T

  12. implicit def pimpActorSystem(system: ActorSystem): PimpedActorSystem

  13. implicit def pimpAny_[T](any: T): PimpedAny[T]

  14. implicit def pimpByteArray(array: Array[Byte]): PimpedByteArray

  15. implicit def pimpByteBuffer(buf: ByteBuffer): PimpedByteBuffer

  16. implicit def pimpClass[T](clazz: Class[T]): PimpedClass[T]

  17. implicit def pimpConfig(config: Config): PimpedConfig

  18. implicit def pimpDuration(duration: Duration): PimpedDuration

  19. implicit def pimpEither[A, B](either: Either[A, B]): RightProjection[A, B]

  20. implicit def pimpFile(file: File): PimpedFile

  21. implicit def pimpFuture[T](fut: Future[T]): PimpedFuture[T]

  22. implicit def pimpInputStream(inputStream: InputStream): PimpedInputStream

  23. implicit def pimpRegex(regex: Regex): PimpedRegex

  24. implicit def pimpSeq[T](seq: Seq[T]): PimpedSeq[T]

  25. implicit def pimpString_(s: String): PimpedString

  26. package pimps

  27. def requirePositive(duration: Duration): Duration

    Requires that the given duration is greater than Duration.

    Requires that the given duration is greater than Duration.Zero (finite or infinite) or Duration.Inf. This implementation is macro-based and only works if the argument is an identifier or member selector.

    @macroImpl( ... )
  28. def tryOrElse[A, B >: A](body: ⇒ A, onError: (Throwable) ⇒ B): B

  29. def tryToEither[T](body: ⇒ T): Either[Throwable, T]

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