Completes GET requests with the content of a file underneath the given directory.


def getFromDirectory(directoryName: String)
                    (implicit settings: RoutingSettings, resolver: ContentTypeResolver,
                     refFactory: ActorRefFactory, log: LoggingContext): Route 


The unmatchedPath of the RequestContext is first transformed by the given pathRewriter function before being appended to the given directory name to build the final file name.

The actual I/O operation is running detached in a Future, so it doesn’t block the current thread. If the file cannot be read the route rejects the request.

To serve a single file use getFromFile. To serve browsable directory listings use getFromBrowseableDirectories. To serve files from a classpath directory use getFromResourceDirectory instead.

Note that it’s not required to wrap this directive with get as this directive will only respond to GET requests.