Extracts the unmatched path from the request context.


def unmatchedPath: Directive1[Uri.Path] 


The unmatchedPath directive extracts the remaining path that was not yet matched by any of the PathDirectives (or any custom ones that change the unmatched path field of the request context). You can use it for building directives that handle complete suffixes of paths (like the getFromDirectory directives and similar ones).

Use rewriteUnmatchedPath to change the value of the unmatched path.


val route =
  pathPrefix("abc") {
    unmatchedPath { remaining =>
      complete(s"Unmatched: '$remaining'")

Get("/abc") ~> route ~> check {
  responseAs[String] === "Unmatched: ''"
Get("/abc/456") ~> route ~> check {
  responseAs[String] === "Unmatched: '/456'"