The Maven Repository chapter contains all the info about how to pull spray-httpx into your classpath.

Afterwards you can use the following imports to bring all relevant identifiers into scope:

  • import spray.httpx.encoding._ for everything related to (de)compression
  • import spray.httpx.marshalling._ for everything related to marshalling
  • import spray.httpx.unmarshalling._ for everything related to unmarshalling
  • import spray.httpx.RequestBuilding for RequestBuilding
  • import spray.httpx.ResponseTransformation for ResponseTransformation
  • import spray.httpx.Json4sJacksonSupport for Json4sJacksonSupport
  • import spray.httpx.Json4sSupport for Json4sSupport
  • import spray.httpx.LiftJsonSupport for LiftJsonSupport
  • import spray.httpx.SprayJsonSupport for SprayJsonSupport
  • import spray.httpx.TwirlSupport for TwirlSupport