Converts unchunked responses coming back from its inner route into chunked responses of which each chunk is smaller or equal to the given size if the response entity is at least as large as the given threshold and contains only HttpData.FileBytes.


def autoChunkFileBytes(maxChunkSize: Long)(implicit factory: ActorRefFactory): Directive0
def autoChunkFileBytes(threshold: Long, maxChunkSize: Long)(implicit factory: ActorRefFactory): Directive0

The signature shown is simplified, the real signature uses magnets. [1]

[1]See The Magnet Pattern for an explanation of magnet-based overloading.


See autoChunk for a more detailed description of the parameters as this directive is basically the same with the added restriction to chunk only entities completely backed by files.


val route =
  autoChunkFileBytes(5) {
    path("long")(complete("This is a long text"))

Get("/long") ~> route ~> check {
  // don't chunk long request because it's not from a file
  responseAs[String] === "This is a long text"