Current Versions

Since spray heavily depends on Akka its releases are usually closely tied to specific Akka versions.


This version targets Scala 2.9.x and Akka 1.3.x and is therefore not recommended for new projects anymore. Its documentation doesn’t live here but in the (old) github wiki.


This is the latest version targeting Scala 2.9.3 and Akka 2.0.5. Its sources live in the release/1.0 branch of the spray repository.

1.1.4 / 1.2.4 / 1.3.4

The current and stable spray release is a triple release, targeting both Scala 2.10 and Scala 2.11 as well as three Akka versions at the same time.

Please choose 1.1.4, 1.2.4 or 1.3.4 depending on what Scala/Akka version you are targeting:

  • spray 1.1.4 is built against Scala 2.10.5 and Akka 2.1.4.
    Its sources live in the release/1.1 branch of the spray repository.
  • spray 1.2.4 is built against Scala 2.10.5 and Akka 2.2.5.
    Its sources live in the release/1.2 branch of the spray repository.
    (Please note that Akka 2.2.3 or later is required, earlier Akka versions will not work!)
  • spray 1.3.4 is built against Scala 2.10.5 and Akka 2.3.9 as well as Scala 2.11.6 and Akka 2.3.9.
    Its sources live in the release/1.3 branch of the spray repository.
    Note: Contrary to version 1.1.4 and 1.2.4 the 1.3.4 release is published with crosspaths enabled
    since it targets two Scala versions at the same time!

For information about where to find the spray artifacts please check out the Maven Repository chapter.

Shapeless Versions

If you want to use shapeless as well as spray-routing in your application you need to select the version of spray(-routing) that was built against the shapeless release which you’d like to use.

  • For shapeless 1.2.4 you should use spray 1.1.4, 1.2.4 or 1.3.4 and the spray-routing module.
  • shapeless 2.0.0 is not supported any more.
  • For shapeless 2.3.0 you should use spray 1.3.4 (Scala 2.10 or Scala 2.11) and the spray-routing-shapeless23 module instead of spray-routing.

Nightly Builds

If you’d like to have access to the most recent changes and additions without having to build spray yourself you can rely on the nightly builds, which we are currently publishing for the release/1.0, release/1.1, release/1.2 and release/1.3 branches of the spray repository. Every day shortly past midnight UTC a new build is made available unless the respective branch has not seen any new commits since the last build.

In order to help you identify the exact commit from which a build is cut every artifact directory includes a commit-<version>.html file containing the commit hash with a link to the commit on github.

Nightly builds are available from the repository.